Monday, February 22, 2010

Our New Entry Way

We have finally finished our entry stairs and we are so happy with the results. These photos tell the process...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Birthday Girl Eliza Jane

We wanted to share some photos of the small celebration we had for our sweet Eliza Jane. We just had our household goods delivered to our new home yesterday so we whipped up a little party for Eliza's 1st birthday. We love her so much! She is starting to walk on her own a few times a day but still prefers to crawl. She waves at EVERYONE she sees. She recently has made friends with numerous people at Target, all the movers, and every painter and floor guy that we have had in our home in the last few weeks. It sure is nice to have a happy baby! Thanks to grandmas, grandpas and all her aunts that made her birthday so special.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prescott Porter Walters

Our son, Prescott Porter was born and passed away on November 14th. We actually were not expecting him to come until January 11th. The fact that we were expecting again so soon after Eliza was a shock to us; they were going to be just over 12 months apart! Just as we were getting used to the idea of having two children so close we found out that he had a condition called Diaphragmatic Hernia where his diaphragm never fully closed. His stomach, intestines and part of the liver had moved up in his chest cavity preventing his lungs to have sufficient room to grow. This condition doesn't present a problem until he is born and his lungs wouldn't have the capacity to breathe and there was no reason for him to come early. We also have just moved to Houston for Ed's job in September and felt that the Lord wanted us to be here for the wonderful medical care. I had many all day appointments at Texas Children's Hospital with ultrasounds, fetal MRI's, echocardiograms and conferences with the Neo-natalogists and Pediatric surgeons who would be working on Prescott when he came. We were actually still living in a hotel when I started having really irregular contractions in the middle of the night. We went to the hospital thinking that they would give me something to stop the contractions and that I would be put on bed rest until January. When I checked in they said that I had already dilated to 8 and I instantly started crying. I knew that I was too far to stop him from coming. He was born just an hour later.

The doctors took him immediately to try to ventilate his lungs. They worked on him, with chest compressions for over 30 minutes and they couldn't get his heart to sustain a beat nor could they get his lungs ventilated. Ed told the doctors that they could stop the heart compressions and he was able to bring Prescott into me. He was just over 32 weeks along which is usually not too early for most babies to live but he just had too much he was fighting against and of course Heavenly Father wanted him for another purpose. We feel so blessed that he was able to come to our family. We have a perfect son that is waiting for us in the Celestial Kingdom. We miss him terribly! We were able to spend as much time with him as we wanted. We were able to take a ton of photos and the hospital was so great. They brought in many blankets, outfits and fill-in-the-blank memory books that people had donated. They also took plaster molds of his hands and feet. There were so many tender mercies that took place within Prescott's short time here on earth. Looking back we were being loved by the Lord through all the events. The most cherished memory that we were able to make was the pictures of Eliza with her baby brother. We hadn't even gotten settled in our house and were still staying in a hotel so we just brought Eliza with us which was interesting having Ed hold her in one arm and hold my hand in his other while in labor. Because she was with us she was able to be in so many photos with Prescott. I know that she will treasure those photos later in her life. She was given a little kitty when Ed took her to the Ronald McDonald House for a break. When she got back to our room she kept wanting to show Prescott the kitty. She would point and wave to Prescott when we would ask, "Where is the baby?" The Neo-natalogist that was on call that night was Dr. Jennifer Arnold from TLC's The Little Couple show. I had just seen the show a few times before to know that she was a Neo-natalogist at Texas Children's Hospital. When she walked in my room just after I was checked in and told me that she would be working on my baby I told her that I felt like I knew her and she asked if we had met before. I said, "No, I have just seen your show a few times, so I feel like I know you." I felt so comforted seeing a familiar face and knowing enough about her to know she is a good person. She was very nice and after Prescott had passed she came in to apologize for not being able to save him. It really is the gospel and the fact that we know when we are sealed in the temple as husband and wife that all children born to us are ours forever. The sadness and tears come when I miss Prescott and know that I have to wait to be with him. I can't wait to get to know his personality traits and discover his talents.

Just a week after his birth we buried Prescott in Chico, California near other family members. The cemetery is less than a mile from my parents home. He will have many visitors and be remembered often. The day that he was buried we went to dress him in a beautiful outfit. We placed a letter I wrote to him in the hospital with the kitty that Eliza wanted to give him in his casket. It was raining very hard and the funeral directors offered numerous times to allow us to hold our service indoors. Ed and I both wanted to be outside. With our families, we gathered to honor Prescott. His uncle Davin gave a beautiful prayer and afterwards we sang "I am a Child of God." Just moments after we started singing the rain stopped and the sun peaked through the clouds down on his casket and flowers. It was a perfect moment where Heavenly Father wanted us all to know that he loves us and that Prescott was happy. After the song, Ed was able to share some thoughts he had. Prescott's Grandpa Arvonen then dedicated the grave site to be protected and blessed until his resurrection.

We would like to thank all our family, friends and doctors that showed us such an outpouring of love, support and skill. We love our little Prescott so much. We know that we will have the opportunity to raise him after we pass from this life. He is a beautiful, perfect son of our Heavenly Father and we cannot wait to be with him. We miss him terribly and hope that we live worthy to return to him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Update on Eliza

Eliza is exactly 8 weeks old today. These last two months have been wonderful, emotional, exciting and tiring all at the same time. It is amazing how one little life needs so much attention. I love that Eliza has been smiling and laughing at everyone she meets. She is such a joy to spend my days with. I love being her mom and I hope that I will be everything she needs as we grow together. Eliza sure loves her dad too; he is great with her. He can't wait to talk to her every night after work and they take lots of walks with and without me. I am blessed that Ed loves his children so much. Here are some photos that we love of Eliza during the last month. Enjoy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcoming Eliza Jane

Eliza Jane Walters was destined to be born December 23, 2008. We had been scheduled to be induced on this date by our doctor and the night before I started having very painful contractions at 3am. By 5:30 am I woke up Ed because the contractions were 5 minutes apart and getting worse. We got to the hospital at 6:45 am and to our surprise I was already dialated to 6 cm. It wasn't long after that little Eliza was born. She came into this world at 9:55 am. We joke that Eliza heard us talking about being induced and decided she didn't want to be forced out so she beat us to it! Our doctor was so surprised that we were so far along when she arrived at the hospital that morning; I think we made her day. By the time she arrived, I was already pushing and just about 10 pushes later Eliza was here. I feel so blessed that her delivery was a successful one, without any problems and we were able to deliver naturaly. It was extrememly painful and intense for the time that it did take for her to arrive but given the choice I wouldn't change our experience. Many times I remember thinking, " I wish I could just have a minute or two break from the contractions to catch my breath." Ed and one nurse named Nell were with me the whole time holding each of my hands and telling me exactly what to do. I couldn't have done it without them.

The moment that she came out is one that I will never forget! I remember looking at her in amazment and thinking, "She is perfect; I cannot believe she is mine!" Ed and I tell her every day how much we love her. She weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz. and was 20 inches long. She was born with a full head of blonde hair. Here are some photos of her in her first 2 weeks of life. We will be sure to share more as she grows!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Showered with Gifts

Here are just a couple of photos from my baby shower. My friend, Shireen did a great job and the food couldn't have been more gourmet.

Hannah and I are due just weeks apart... Sorting out all the gifts....
A sea of pink, Pink and PINK!I told Ed that I feel so loved. One of the cards I recieved said "Babies just love presents..... (and then on the inside it said...)Just ask their Mommies!" I have to say getting gifts for a baby girl is so much fun. I just can't wait to see her using them all. Thank you to all that we recieved gifts from! We love you!

Baby Bump - 34 weeks

Our little girl is sure getting big! We can't wait to meet her.